A Guide: Wedding Stationery

Planning and choosing your wedding stationery is a different experience for everyone. You may know exactly what you want, or you may be left scratching your head at the limitless options that are available. Here are a few things to think about before ordering your stationery. 

1. Style

Sometimes this can be hard to think about if you're ordering stationery 6 months before your wedding - especially if you haven't decided on your colour palette. If this is the case I would recommend sticking to good ol' classic black and white. Or if you know that the groomsmen are going to be wearing navy, perhaps this is an option to consider.

Another thing that may help you with the look of your stationery is your venue. Are you getting married at an estate? On a farm? Or at a beach? Do you have your dress? Write down a list of words that help you to describe elements of your wedding - or what you want it to feel like. 

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is your best friend. Create a board of stationery you like - style, colour, fonts, shape. You'll probably soon see a pattern of what you really love. As a designer, I find this particularly helpful to ensure I'm going down the right path to creating your dream stationery. 

3. Budget

Do you love stationery? Do you really want that gold foil? Try to figure out with your partner roughly what you're ok with spending. Luxe elements such as gold foiling and embossing cost quite a lot more (more than double!) than an invitation that does not have these elements. 

Secondly, is there anything you don't really need? Do you need a details card? Or is this something you can skip? I often recommend setting up a free website with your wedding details on it. I can then add the website to the bottom of the RSVP card. I can also print double-sided which is more cost-effective than printing on two separate pieces of card. 

4. Wording

When it comes to wording think about how you want to sound to your guests. Do you want something formal? Something a bit humourous? Laidback? I can create options to help with wording. If you choose to work with me I just ask for the essential wedding details e.g. where you're getting married, the date of the wedding, etc that will help form your stationery. Unless you know exactly what you want - which is absolutely great!

Think about details you might like included such as a website, gift information, accommodation and general wedding details. You're not inviting children? No worries, I can help you come up with a polite or light-hearted way to do this.  


5. Enjoy the process

Sometimes things can feel a bit overwhelming, but just know that having a plan will make things so much more enjoyable. Just take it step-by-step and don't feel like you have to rush. You will end up with a truly beautiful result that is uniquely you


Feel free to message me at any point of your journey. If you're unsure don't hesitate to get in contact. I'm just an email away! 

Love, Hannah x