Wedding Stationery: How many invitations do I need?!

One of the questions I ask my brides-to-be on my contact form is "number of guests" and "approximate invite count". The rule of thumb is your invite count is usually 70% of the guest's total. Although, this is not always the case! 

Here are some things to think about when you're trying to work out your invitation count. 

tasmania-wedding-quamby-estate1. Count the households

Count the number of people that live at the same address. Deliver one invitation/ invitation suite to each household. For example, if there is a family you're inviting that has four people they will share the same invitation and count that as one. If you have a single friend, who has a plus one that's also one invitation. However, there is the exception that if you have single guests flatting together (living at the same household) that they get their own individual invitations. 

2. Keepsakes

Your invitation/ invitation suite is truly an important keepsake. Not much is left after the wedding... flowers wilt, the dress gets stored away or sold and the cake has been eaten. Make sure you order at least a couple of invitations for yourself and your parents. Perhaps you'd like to get it framed after the wedding or have your suite photographed on the day of your wedding. 

2. Extras

I learnt quickly that it's better to order more than to have not enough! Re-prints in small quantities cost a lot more than large print runs. It also means additional processing and shipping time. You may have forgotten to invite some people or perhaps the post office didn't deliver them. It's best to be safe and have additional invitations on hand. I recommend having 10 extras. 

With all that being said, I hope this has helped! Feel free to send me a message if you have any further questions!

Love, Hannah x